7 Days to Boost Your IELTS Score

7 Days to Boost Your IELTS Score


Welcome to my classroom!

Congratulations for accepting the challenge of one of the most difficult tests in the world!

My 7 Days to Boost Your IELTS Score course is for non-native speakers who need to prepare for IELTS excellence in the least time possible.

In 7 Modules in 1-on-1 sessions of 2 hours, each student will extend their English skills to gain confidence, extra skills, and of course, strengthen their English for achieving an optimal score on test day.

So, don’t hesitate any longer! Work with Professor Winn to finally sharpen your English and TOEFL skills for notching a high IELTS score and moving on with your life!

Professor Winn

Course Description

7 Days to Boost Your IELTS Score will help participants strengthen their English skills, and IELTS test skills. This course reviews all four sections of the IELTS exam plus grammar, vocabulary, and the “hidden” extra skills.

Participants will be able to present the IELTS Academic or General exam with confidence and use their English and supplementary skills effectively to notch a high score on the exam.

The course will be delivered with proper practice in each session of two hours 1-on-1 with the student by Google Hangout or Skype.

Course Objectives

After taking 7 Days to Boost Your IELTS Score, students should be able to:

  • speak English with ease and confidence and with better pronunciation and persuasion
  • sharpen listening skills for better accuracy
  • learn how to speed up your reading to save time
  • develop strong English writing skills
  • increase your English vocabulary to impress TOEFL examiners
  • practice “hidden” supplementary skills for answering questions effectively
  • know the types of questions and how to answer them on the exam
  • be ready to answer the combined skill questions
  • feel more confident presenting the exam under the time pressure

I will contact you via the email address used at checkout to arrange our course schedule.

I look forward to helping your strengthen your English and IELTS skills for the success you seek!

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