Internet Research

Get your competitive advantage now!

Get highly-valuable business intelligence from the English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French web.

Professor Winn will conduct Internet Research in these four languages on a topic of your choice.

You receive a report written in perfect English, 3-7 pages in length.

If you are a business who plans to enter a new market, expand your research to include the Spanish, Portuguese, and French webs.

What are your research topics?

Get the intelligence you need to enter a new market, sell a product, or learn about a new subject.

Maybe you just need some news articles translated from Spanish, Portuguese, or French into English.

Perhaps a press release of a company is not in English (for whatever reason) and you need information on a competitor’s product.

Let Professor Winn conduct Internet Research for you today!

I will contact you with the email address you use at checkout on the system. Then, we can outline the scope of the project.

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