7 Days to Improve Your English Pronunciation

7 Days to Improve Your English Pronunciation


Welcome to my classroom!

The global economy speaks English.

Don’t let poor English pronunciation skills hamper your personal and professional goals!

My 7 Days to Improve Your English Pronunciation course is for non-native speakers who need to speak English better in the least time possible for success in the international economy. The focus in on standard US English.

In 7 Modules in 1-on-1 sessions of 75 minutes each (8.75 hours total), each student will improve essential skills to gain confidence using spoken English in professional situations with colleagues and of course, clients.

So, don’t hesitate any longer! Work with Professor Winn to finally sharpen your English-speaking skills for greater personal and professional success.

Professor Winn

Course Description

7 Days to Improve Your English Pronunciation will help participants improve their English-speaking skills. This course focuses on some of the most difficult sounds and words in the English language. Participants will be able to speak more confidently in English with both clients and colleagues in the global economy.

The course will be delivered with proper practice in each session of two hours 1-on-1 with the student by Google Hangout or Skype.

This course will boost your ability to speak with correct intonation and proper stress so participants may both be understood and understand others speaking English.

Course Objectives

After taking 7 Days to Improve Your English Pronunciation, students should be able to:

  1. speak English with ease and confidence
  2. pronounce some difficult words
  3. know how to distinguish from the stress of words and phrases
  4. have the recognition of words with silent letters
  5. listen and understand more English in both daily and professional settings
  6. feel confident talking to native English and non-native speaking clients and colleagues.

Course Content

Each module = one class session = 75 minutes of instruction

Module 1. Intonation and Rhythm Practice

Module 2. Word and Sentence Stress and Practice

Module 3. Silent Letters and Practice

Module 4. Difficult Words, “Saw” and Practice

Module 5. “U” as in “Too,” “Boat” and Practice

Module 6. Connected Speech, Adjective/Noun and Practice

Module 7. US T-Sound, 2 Th-Sounds and Practice

Your Instructor

I am a native US certified English professor with more than 8 years of experience working with a variety of business, legal, and medical professionals.

Let me help you improve your English-speaking skills for the success you seek - and deserve! You will be better prepared to operate in an international economy dominated by strong English skills.

I will contact you using the email address you register at the selz.com checkout to arrange the class schedule.

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