Medical English 101 Course

Medical English 101

Bilingual medical professionals are in high demand across the world!

English is the language of medical services catering to high-caliber clients who need special care and procedures.

Strong English skills and your native language make you an attractive professional for the medical industry.

From specialized clinics to hospitals, increase your offer to the health care market, and open greater careers paths to your success.

Take advantage of Professor Winn’s Medical English 101 online course.

Course Modules

MODULE 1. Precise Medical Vocabulary I, Greek and Latin Roots
MODULE 2. Precise Medical Vocabulary II, Human Body, Diseases, Infections, and Medical Equipment
MODULE 3. Grammar Overview
MODULE 4. Medical English Writing Fundamentals (passive, etc.)
MODULE 5. Successful Medical Reading Strategies
MODULE 6. Better Medical Listening –
MODULE 7. Medical English Idioms, Phrasal Verbs, and Collocations
MODULE 8. Medical Colloquium – Take a history, and provide a diagnosis

Bonus: Medical English Vocabulary: Medical vocabulary is a core component of the Medical English 101 online course. Every class session features a vocabulary slot of 7 terms provided in a list. Each student presents a vocabulary quiz at the end of the course.

Download the Course Syllabus: EN | ES

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I look forward to helping you achieve greater success in the health care industry!

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