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If you cannot write English well in your cover letter, you will not get a job interview.

If you cannot organize your resume for each desired position, a potential employer will not understand what you offer and what you can contribute.

If you are too nervous in the interview, you are not likely able to get your dream job.


Native and non-native English speaker can take advantage of Professor Winn’s approach to the job hunt.

Get the dream job you want!

Get Hired!

I will teach personally in 3 course sessions how to write a convincing cover letter and an organized resume while you prepare for the big interview.

Course Modules

MODULE 1 - Professional Assessment, Writing Convincing Cover Letter and Practice

MODULE 2 - Write a Remarkable Résumé and Practice

MODULE 3 - The Interview and Practice

Expected Results

1) prepare you for success in your job hunt and

2) provide the confidence in your abilities to win your dream job.

Upon purchase, I will contact you via your email address used at checkout to arrange class times.

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