8 Grammar Errors That Can Damage Your Credibility

8 Grammar Errors That Can Damage Your Credibility is a video eCourse to help you avoid costly mistakes at school or the office.

Professor H. E. Colby, a seasoned English professor, who has helped her own students achieve success, now narrates two videos so you don’t make the same errors!

Don’t let these 8 grammar errors cost you a job promotion or cause embarrassment in a meeting or presentation.

eCourse Outcomes

Your credibility is lessened with careless grammar errors.


A student who needs a better grade in English class or a higher score on the IELTS or TOEFL iBT will profit from the video eCourse.

A professional in the office will be able to impress the boss, colleagues, and clients with better grammar.

Don’t suffer these 8 embarrassing English grammar errors:

  1. Subject-Verb Agreement.
  2. Sentence Fragments and Run-on
  3. The Articles - Indefinite and Definite
  4. Past Simple vs Present Perfect.
  5. Relative Clauses – Restrictive and Non-Restrictive.
  6. Comparative-Superlative plus irregular forms.
  7. Prepositions of Time and Place (in, on, at).
  8. Do vs. Make Expressions

Improve your English grammar today!

eCourse Package

You get 2 videos (about 20 minutes each), Read Me file, the Study Guide, and the video script.

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